Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Swan Chronicles : Chapter Three : Nichole

Chapter 3 - Nichole

I settled in the uncomfortable airport waiting chair as I watched all the other passengers rushing past, smiling as they were embraced by happy family members, delighted that they had arrived. I sighed. No one was waiting with a warm welcome to where I was going. This saddened me... Well, better not dell on it, I though as I stretched my legs out in front of me, and brought out a small paperback from the bag at my feet. But my mind would still not stray from the subject matter... I had gotten off a five hour flight from Starlight Shores, to SVIA, where I would be spending 3 hours waiting from my lay-over, and then I would continue onto Moonlight Falls, my final destination. Where my new home, and my new life awaited me...No one would be there waiting to welcome me. 

I had just bid far-well to my brother 5 hours ago, before I took off for my first flight. And my friend Monica was some where in Champs le Sims  touring the nectar factories with her new fiance. And my's best not to talk about my mo- My thoughts where jerked back into reality as a man who had just been texting furiously on his phone tripped over my out stretched feet...And strait into my lap. "Oh my god! Are you okay?!" I exclaimed as passer-by looked on.

 As he stood up to his full height I realized he was quite handsome... and fact that had me blushing furiously as he had been texting. "So sorry", He said in a strong voice with a slight accent.. that I didn't place in my shame. "I am quite all right" He said with a small smile. "You?" He said. Flustered I responded with something that sounded like a grunt, I looked around, trying to find somewhere to hide, before  this conversation got any more awkward. Found it! "Well, nicemeetingyougottogonowbye!" I rushed through the sentence as I scurried to my hiding place, the women's washroom. I though I heard him say something, but it was drowned out by the sound of the door closing behind me.


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