Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chapter Four - Nichole


I pressed my back against the cold metal door. I tried to catch my breath from my in-counter with the handsome stranger. I walked to the mirror to check my appearance, hoping that I didn't look to terrible. I shivered as I stepped in front of the sink and counter. Wonderful, my hiding place just has to be the arctic! Fantastic...just about as fantastic as me hiding from a complete stranger was..I sighed as I realized how weird that idea was. I started laughing as I though of how silly it seemed.

Ah, Monica would get a kick out of this, I thought. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror, I studied my pale complexion, wide purple eyes, and brown hair tied back in a messy bun.

MIRRORlook-1.jpg MIRRORlook

Oh yeah, I could definitely win a beauty pageant. Snorting, I picking up my bag from the floor where I had dropped it, checking my watch as I bent down. Five minute had past, he should be gone now... I made my way out the door, but not before peeking my head out to check for the stranger. Doing so earned me a couple of weird looks from passers by, but hey, I couldn't help it!

As I saw that the stranger was indeed gone, I shuffled out the door. Looking around the entry/stay area for waiting passengers, my stomach grumbled loudly. Food time, I thought with happiness, and to be focused on something other than...Not thinking about that! I yelled mentally. Forgetting my previous thoughts, I looked around hopeful for a cafè sign. Aha! Here it is...making my way over in complete, though free bliss.

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