The Swan Chronicles

The Swan Chronicles : Intro

Jack has always been the their for his sister, when his mother wasn't, but now that she has grown up, married, and moved away.  Jack is ready to start his life, by pursuing his music talents. Jack ends up in Starlight Shores, long with all the other million sim who want to become star. But Jack doesn't want to end up on the street, nary a dream in site, like so many before him. He wants to suceed...And when he starts a band and lands a small record deal, and adds and girlfriend to the mix,  he finally thinks things are about to change....And this is where we come in.

Chapter One

Jack roamed around the room like a lion in a cage. "Dude, stop wearing a hole in the floor wound you? Sheesh, it's just a meeting." Jack shot a quick look at his band-mate lounging on a chair in the centre of the room. "Fine", Jack responded in a peeved tone. This was the first meeting with the record company since they signed them last week. And Jack was very anxious, even though he had no reason to be. Jack stalked over to a chair.

As Jack folded into the small chair to the right of his band-mate. He breathed in the smell of burnt coffee and..the band-mate sitting next to him. ... Beautiful. As Jack's eyes wandered around the room, he took in the peeling yellow paint, sagging brown chair, two of which he and his band-mate occupied, and two doors on the either end of the cramped waiting room. Jack's eyes caught his band-mate (Whose name was Jim, oddly enough) who was picking at his teeth with a tooth-pick. As he was staring at Jim, he took in his rugged appearance. Long hippy hair, scrawny beard, leather pants, construction boots, and a wife-beater...Jack hoped that the record company didn't care how they looked, just how they sounded  because he had no doubt that the looks where going to change.

He sighed as he wondered where the rest of the band was. But before that thought could cross his mind, the door burst open and the two missing band-mates pored into the room. Leaving the cold, rainy evening behind them as they shut the door. "Sorry dude. Traffic." Jack smelled cigarette on their breath. Traffic..sure. Before they even got the chance to create more excuses over their late appearance, a women in secretary garb appeared in the door way across the room from which the rest of the band had just appeared. "He is ready for you now." She said crisply.

End of Chapter One

Chapter Two

I stood, along with the rest of the band as we slowly through the door and into the office beyond. I was the last one through and closed the door as I turned around to view the manger of 
"Black House" Records. I wasn't let down by my expectations of the manager. A man medium height, skinny, with slicked back blond hair sat at a desk that took up most of the room, with four small brown chairs around in. On his reedy frame structured a slightly unbuttoned shirt, and too-tight pants. I didn't get a glance at his shoes, but I was guessing that he had on a pair of polished dress shoes.

"Hi, Welcome, you must be "Dark Dreams"?" We all nodded are agreement as we all sank into the chairs surrounding his desk. "Well, nice to meet you all." He had a slight accent that I placed from Bridgeport. Interesting..what was a big-city man doing here in Starlight Shores? That was a very easy question to answer. All of us hear knew it. Maybe experienced it. After he encouraged as to roll-call our names, he then told us the he was the site manager for "Black House" Records, not surprising considering his get-up. Not really our "boss" then, figures. The real boss just be too "busy" to talk to us at the moment. He also told us to call him "Mark". Wonderful. Now he wants to get chummy with us. That's going to go away really fast when you see our work ethic, I thought. 

My gaze strayed around the room as he talked about what he was going to do with our band, and how great we where going to be. Yeah right, I snorted mentally at that part of the speech. That was a bunch wasted words to me. But the rest of the band sucked it up like they were thirsty on a hot day. The rest of the room matched the room we had just excited, yellow peeling paint, linoleum floor, creaking brown leather chairs, and a potted plant off to the side of the door on a stand that barely fit in the room. As I took in a calming breathe, I soon found that this room smelled exactly like the other too. Only the over powering smell of the cologne, "Call me Mark" A.K.A the manager was wearing gave the room a toxic scent.

Soon the meeting was over and everyone was shaking hands and heading out the door. Before we left, he notified us of a practice to "see what we sounded like in real-life". Like that really mattered. It was already to late to un-sign us, unless we messed up with the terms of agreement. (A one year contract, and we had to actually do well at shows.) As I hit the front door with the rest of my band mates, we grunted our good-byes as we headed out the door, onto the rainy street beyond. I quickly pulled my hood over my head under the small awning over the door way. Before I headed off into the empty street beyond, hoping to be lucky enough to flag a taxi to take me home. 

End of Chapter Two

The Swan Chronicles : Chapter Three : Nichole 

I settled in the uncomfortable airport waiting chair as I watched all the other passengers rushing past, smiling as they were embraced by happy family members, delighted that they had arrived. I sighed. No one was waiting with a warm welcome to where I was going. This saddened me... Well, better not dell on it, I though as I stretched my legs out in front of me, and brought out a small paperback from the bag at my feet. But my mind would still not stray from the subject matter... I had gotten off a five hour flight from Starlight Shores, to SVIA, where I would be spending 3 hours waiting from my lay-over, and then I would continue onto Moonlight Falls, my final destination. Where my new home, and my new life awaited me...No one would be there waiting to welcome me. 

I had just bid far-well to my brother 5 hours ago, before I took off for my first flight. And my friend Monica was some where in Champs le Sims touring the nectar factories with her new fiance. And my's best not to talk about my mo- My thoughts where jerked back into reality as a man who had just been texting furiously on his phone tripped over my out stretched feet...And strait into my lap. "Oh my god! Are you okay?!" I exclaimed as passer-by looked on. 

As he stood up to his full height I realized he was quite handsome... and fact that had me blushing furiously as he had been texting. "So sorry", He said in a strong voice with a slight accent.. that I didn't place in my shame. "I am quite all right" He said with a small smile. "You?" He said. Flustered I responded with something that sounded like a grunt, I looked around, trying to find somewhere to hide, before this conversation got any more awkward. Found it! "Well, nicemeetingyougottogonowbye!" I rushed through the sentence as I scurried to my hiding place, the women's washroom. I though I heard him say something, but it was drowned out by the sound of the door closing behind me. 


End of Chapter Three

Chapter Four : Nichole

I pressed my back against the cold metal door. I tried to catch my breath from my in-counter with the handsome stranger. I walked to the mirror to check my appearance, hoping that I didn't look to terrible. I shivered as I stepped in front of the sink and counter. Wonderful, my hiding place just has to be the arctic! Fantastic...just about as fantastic as me hiding from a complete stranger was..I sighed as I realized how weird that idea was. I started laughing as I though of how silly it seemed.

Ah, Monica would get a kick out of this, I thought. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror, I studied my pale complexion, wide purple eyes, and brown hair tied back in a messy bun.

MIRRORlook-1.jpg MIRRORlook MIRRORlook-1.jpg MIRRORlook

Oh yeah, I could definitely win a beauty pageant. Snorting, I picking up my bag from the floor where I had dropped it, checking my watch as I bent down. Five minute had past, he should be gone now... I made my way out the door, but not before peeking my head out to check for the stranger. Doing so earned me a couple of weird looks from passers by, but hey, I couldn't help it!

As I saw that the stranger was indeed gone, I shuffled out the door. Looking around the entry/stay area for waiting passengers, my stomach grumbled loudly. Food time, I thought with happiness, and to be focused on something other than...Not thinking about that! I yelled mentally. Forgetting my previous thoughts, I looked around hopeful for a cafè sign. Aha! Here it is...making my way over in complete, though free bliss.

End of Chapter Four

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