Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Swan Chronicles : Intro

                                                         The Swan Chronicles : Intro

Jack has always been the their for his sister, when his mother wasn't, but now that she has grown up, married, and moved away.  Jack is ready to start his life, by pursuing his music talents. Jack ends up in Starlight Shores, long with all the other million sim who want to become star. But Jack doesn't want to end up on the street, nary a dream in sit, like so many before him. He wants to suceed...And when he starts a band and lands a small record deal, and adds and girlfriend to the mix,  he finally thinks things are about to change....And this is where we come in.

Everyone, Meet Jack, Jack, meet everyone. ^,^
"Do I have to? I just was going to have a nap too. And I thought living in your brain was going to be easy!"

301001: "Jack, behave! We have guests." :D 

301001: "Now isn't that better?"


301001: "..."

Bye now **waves**


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